Secure platform for identity and personal data management, control and sharing, for user authorizations and for payments. The platform allows user to manage their personal and other sensitive data, which is automatically verified, allowing users to choose what, when and to whom they share the data. PlusID provides also possibility to authorize any other trusted user to act on behalf of the other user or the company. Bringing together with online payments and flexible payment methods, including invoicing, the PlusID is a comprehensize and unique solution for all digital interactions between users (private or business).

The backoffice is developed with AngularJS and the backend is based on NodeJS with NoSQL database for common data storage and SQL database for transactional data. The system is running in cloud and can be scaled up as needed. The system includes several microservices and infrastructure components, with multiple 3rd party integration and APIs to support the data verification and other purposes.

One of our biggest projects.


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