Implementation of various AI-based solutions and embedding/integrating them to current systems and management systems.

This includes usage of various AI solutions and their APIs, most remarkably ChatGPT API and GPT4 (and more) as well as some other solutions.

Some of the main functionalities implemented included:

  • AI-based invoicing: User was able to speak their invoice contents at the site, using their mobile phone or desktop, speaking the content of the invoice such as recipient client, invoice row items with quantities and amount, invoice description, VAT rates and send via media selection. This solution included Google speech-to-text and then utilized ChatGPT based algorithm to detect key parameters necessary to create/find invoice recipient client and related invoice contents. In best case, it only took seconds to create a new, ready-for-sending, invoice just with your voice.
  • AI-based customer helpdesk and chatbot: Using another AI service provider, we extended and scoped the AI chatbot knowledge base by defining the contents the bot can answer questions from and also giving the full user manual of the system and related environment/internet topics information to answer for any question the end user might have. This was like a custom GPT but with different solution and directly integrated with the client system.

Very exciting and trendy projects and we continue to develop these as part of bigger projects.


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